Falco Holsters universal fit belly band holsters will be your everyday concealed carry partner. They make them out of breathable rubber gentle to your skin and a sturdy band to hold the firearm and EDC items. This makes it the most comfortable gun holster, ready for your daily adventures. Falco’s craftsman hand sew Belly bands in-house using the traditional method that results in sturdier and more reliably stitched concealment holsters.

Completely without the need of traditional belt FALCO’s concealed carry belly bands are ready for over 2000 pistols and 900 revolvers. All of our belly bands are ideal for sport, so you might find your favorite belly band holster for running, hiking, biking, or basically any sport you love. Each belly holster features one pouch for your firearm. It is designed to fit handguns of all sizes and hold them securely thanks to the Velcro safety strap or Kydex natural retention. You can choose one of the three belly band styles, made from combinations of breathable and firm rubber, which will be built exactly to your needs.

Falco’s Belly holsters are soft to the skin and were designed to be light and comfortable. Perfect for carrying on your morning run, but during every other activity too. The appendix carry belly band is made from firm sturdy rubber which means it is heavier and more tactical.

The customer’s favorite is the Semi-breathable Belly Band which combines the advantages of both. Soft and comfortable around your body, with a firm rubber holster to hold your firearm. The semi-breathable version is also available as a cross-draw holster or lightbearing cross-draw version Each Belly Band offers 4 additional pouches for extra magazines and other everyday carry items which enhances its usability in your everyday life.

Every CCW belly band can be custom-made as a revolver holster. Falco’s Belly Band will accommodate not only subcompact and compact pistols but favorite full-size handguns such as 1911 or K frame revolvers. It does not matter what firearm you choose Falco will make it feel like a feather in our belly band holsters for concealed carry. Besides all that, Falco Holsters can be made in left or right hand configuration. So if you are a left-handed shooter, simply select a left-hand option in configurator and enjoy!

Falco Holsters offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on craftsmanship.

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