Fanny Packs for Concealed Gun Carry

Falco Holsters hand-makes its CCW fanny packs out of premium high-grade materials. The whole product is made by one of Falco’s handy craftsmen from the beginning to the end. Every conceal carry fanny pack includes an elastic, adjustable holster, compatible with handguns & lights. All concealed carry fanny packs are designed for fast & flawless draw and comfortable carry. Durable zippers are ready to be used in rush thanks to the ambidextrous D openings.

So you thought fanny packs are relics from the 90s? Wrong! These awesome everyday bags are reliving their best times via gun owners, which know that a fanny pack for gun provides draw from the most convenient position, excellent concealability & unseen comfort during the day. CCW fanny pack will become your best companion.