What are special purpose rifles

Special Purpose Rifles (SPRs) typically refer to firearms designed for specific roles or applications beyond standard infantry rifles. These rifles are often adapted or customized to meet particular requirements. Special Purpose Rifles can include:

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR): Optimized for precise long-range shooting, DMRs bridge the gap between standard infantry rifles and sniper rifles.
Sniper Rifles: Specialized for precision shooting at extended ranges, sniper rifles are designed to deliver accurate shots in various environments.
Tactical Rifles: Configured with features like rails for accessories, adjustable stocks, and enhanced ergonomics, tactical rifles are designed for military or law enforcement use.
Competition Rifles: Tailored for precision shooting competitions, these rifles often have features that enhance accuracy, such as specialized barrels and triggers.
Sporting Rifles: Adapted for specific shooting sports, these rifles may have features optimized for competition or recreational shooting.
Suppressor-Ready Rifles: Some rifles are designed with threaded barrels to easily accommodate suppressors, reducing noise and muzzle flash.
The term “special purpose” implies customization for specific needs, and the exact characteristics can vary based on the intended use of the rifle.