Why to Purchase new Falco Leather Holster

Falco leather holsters are a prime example of the marriage between traditional craftsmanship and modern utility. Crafted with precision and care, these holsters cater to firearm enthusiasts and professionals who value both style and functionality. Each Falco leather holster is a testament to the artistry of leather work. Meticulously handcrafted, these holsters boast a blend […]

Gun Holsters

Gun holsters are used for carrying various firearms, either pistols or revolvers. There are large gun cases that can hold shotguns and rifles specially designed for long guns or tactical firearms. A lot of people like to carry concealed their weapon by wearing a gun holster underneath their coat or suit. There are many laws […]

How to Select Your Gun Holsters

The primary function of a gun holster is to carry a handgun close to your body without having to hold it in your hand. People who have concealed weapon permits in the United States will surely be in the market for a good gun holster. There are plenty of firearms shops which sell gun holsters, […]

Tackworld Holster your Number 1 Source of Gun Holsters

Tacworld Holsters and Accessories has a wide variety of gun holsters and accessories available for sale. Expert artisanship and design work went into making each gun holster that is listed on our website. While lot of competing companies sell holsters made from flimsy materials, our holsters are made from the highest quality leather materials around. […]

Leather Belt Holster – A Tacworld Holsters Must Have

IWB leather holster with steel clip

Anyone who carries a handgun will know the importance of having a quality leather belt holster. It allows you to access your handgun quickly whenever you need it. You don’t need to strap anything to your upper torso either. Instead, you can use the belt that holds up your pants with this type of holster. […]

Welcome to the World of Falco Gun Holsters

Falco Gun Holsters Distributors

If you are looking for the best Falco Gun Holsters Distributors, you have come to the right place. “Tacworld Holsters and Accessories” takes pride in being the sole importer and wholesaler of the brand in the US, Canada and Latin America. For those who appreciate high quality, exquisitely versatile gun holsters, belts, and equipment, Falco […]

Get the Best Gun Holsters from the Best in the Business

Gun Holsters

For all your Gun Holsters and accessories needs, it is important to check out what TACWORLD HOLSTERS offers and needless to say, you are bound to be impressed with their catalog. They are only Authorized Importer and Distributor of FALCO gun holsters, accessories and other tactical equipment in United States. And if one knows anything […]