The Safe Shopping Guarantee helps to protect you against unauthorized charges on your credit card. We know it’s important that you have confidence when you use your credit card to order online, and that is why we now offer the Safe Shopping Guarantee.

Here are the steps we take to ensure that your purchase is safe:

  • Data encryption. To help protect your credit card number and personal information, your payment transaction is encrypted using SSL encryption. Encryption is a process by which software is used to scramble your credit card number and personal information so that they are unreadable by any unauthorized person.
  • 3D Security provided by our payment gateway 2CO – your information is sent directly to credit card processing company through a secure SSL encrypted connection.
  • As all sensitive data are sent directly to payment gateway, we have no access to your card details and there is no chance of theft or misuse of your credit card account.
    You can check the validity of our security seals by clicking on them.

The end result? When you buy online from Tacworld Holsters, you can buy with confidence.