IWB Nylon Holsters

Falco’s nylon IWB holsters for concealed carry are handcrafted from Cordura or their premium branded sandwich nylon. Falco Holsters make the fully customizable soft holsters one at a time, to ensure all holsters provide protection to your handgun, but comfort to the shooter too. Soft concealed carry holsters from their workshop can perfectly conceal even a full size 1911. And the best part? This 1911 nylon holster would serve you for a lifetime!

FALCO offers the most comfortable soft IWB holsters for pistols and revolvers. Premium nylon gun holsters are hand-made for one specific handgun to deliver a snug fit, but if you want something more universal, you will find multi-fit nylon holster models as well. If you consider Kydex holsters too sturdy and do not like printing, try Glock 19 nylon holster or a Sig Sauer P365 nylon holster. You will certainly enjoy this small IWB holster thanks to its concealment capabilities and airiness of nylon material.

Have trouble finding Glock 43 MOS nylon holster which can accommodate RDS? You found what you were looking for. All of Falco Holsters inside the waistband IWB holsters are compatible with pistols with high-sights and pistols majority of nylon designs can accommodate red dot sights. Simply select holster with designation letter (R) when ordering your IWB Nylon holster for a gun with Red Dot sights.