Are You Worried About Printing?

If you own a gun, you are likely apprehensive about “printing.” That refers to the outline of the gun on your clothes. Don’t worry this problem plagues most gun owners. Part of the reason you purchased a concealed-holsters was to keep people from noticing that you are carrying a gun in public.

A true adage to guns the fewer people know about it, the better. People who don’t own guns are quick to shun those who carry them in public. Though your permit is always in hand and you have solid reasons for concealing the firearm, making every person understand, is impossible. The suspicion that someone has spotted your gun can force you to buy a smaller and a less powerful weapon. If this best describes what you are facing, here are some things to give you a peace of mind:

When the causes a small bulge, it is not that visible. Though it may appear large, when viewing from afar, it is hard to notice the bulge. Even when someone spots it, unless you have a tight T-shirt, it doesn’t give the concealed weapon away. Try a simple exercise before leaving home every day; in front of a mirror wear the holster with firearm and take a couple of steps back. At a distance, you will notice that it is not that visible.

A belt is the most preferred form of hiding the gun and printing takes place slightly above your waistline. Now, people have been conditioned to look at the face and chest upwards and to avert their eyes from the bottom region –waste line. Also, we are told that the right manners, is to look someone in the eyes. That means, nobody will likely notice a perfectly concealed gun with a small bulge.

Some people claim that where open carry is prohibited; a small print can land you in deep trouble with the law. It is a common misconception. You are required to make an effort not to draw attention to your gun. Using good concealed carry holster is sufficient to prove that you are taking all the precautions under the law. Ensure that you obtain all the information from a reputable source about printing in your state and local carry regulations. Ask the officers when in complete doubt.

If you are worried about printing, unconsciously you may keep brushing your hands over your covered holster. Such unnatural movements will draw attention from a mile away. They may appear quick and unnoticeable when you do them, but that is not always the case. Your gun is perfectly safe in a holster and will not fall off. Forget about it and be like everyone else, relaxed and uneasy.

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