What is a Duty Holster and Why You Need Them?

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Unless you are planning to carry your gun in your hands at all times, you should look into buying a good duty holster. If you need to shoot, you need to have your gun somewhere you can easily grab it. However, when the gun is not in use, it needs to be somewhere secure. You may be thinking that you will never need to carry and use your gun. This could be true, but you should still have a duty holster for it.

What is a Duty Holster

There are going to be times when you prefer concealment over function. However, concealed weapons, no matter if it is a gun or a knife, are harder to access. It does not matter the type of concealment holster you are wearing or where your gun is, drawing is never going to be as fast as from a thigh or hip holster. That is just one main difference between a duty holster and a concealment holster.

A duty holster can be attached to your belt or thigh, depending on the model you are using. The holster is designed to make it easy for you to grab the gun while being difficult for other people to take it from you. This is important, especially if you plan to carry your gun regularly.

What to Look for in a Duty Holster?

Buying a duty holster is an important purchase. There are different styles and manufacturers of gun holsters, and the best one will depend on your gun, and how you draw your gun. Here are three important features that you should be looking for when you are buying a duty holster.

Access: The main reason why you should use a duty holster is that most duty holsters will mount onto your thigh or hip, so you can easily grab the gun with a better grip. The second reason is to show that you are armed, which can be an intentional choice. A concealment holster does have its benefits, but there are times when you are better off letting people know you have a weapon.

Material: The material that is used to make the duty holster will affect how long the holster lasts and how easy the gun is to put in and take out of it. Hard plastic is one of the most commonly used materials to make duty holsters. However, you can also find holsters that are just made from nylon. Hard plastic keeps its shape, which makes it easy to slide the gun in and out of the holster. However, there could also be clips inside of the holster that hold the gun in place, which makes it harder for other people to remove your gun.

Retention: Retention is what keeps the gun inside of the duty holster. The retention method affects how difficult it is to remove the gun from the holster. So, the way that the gun is held in the holster will depend on the type of holster you are using.

A good duty holster can last a lifetime and make carrying your gun easier. The style that works best for you will depend on your gun and the way you prefer to carry your weapon.