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Falco Gun Holsters Distributors

If you are looking for the best Falco Gun Holsters Distributors, you have come to the right place. “Tacworld Holsters and Accessories” takes pride in being the sole importer and wholesaler of the brand in the US, Canada and Latin America. For those who appreciate high quality, exquisitely versatile gun holsters, belts, and equipment, Falco is definitely the number one option in the market today.

What Makes Falco Gun Holsters Special

It is not just one thing making Falco Gun Holsters special. First and foremost, this is a well-established brand. It has been around since 1989, and it has always been proven reliable. Through a long-lasting tradition, the brand has incorporated various innovations and has been improving its products over time. At the same time, they hold the expertise required to make the most of their merchandise.

In addition, all gun holsters are custom made for gun make and model. They are easy to use and comfortable. One of the major advantages of these gun holsters is the fact that they can be used by civilians, without any hesitation or discomfort. So they are practical and do not require any technical knowledge or special training.

Falco gun holsters come with a generous five-year warranty. This shows just how trustworthy these products are. They are sturdy, and their quality minimizes the chances of somebody actually needing the warranty for something other than peace of mind.

Another impressive fact about Falco gun holsters is that they are 100% handmade in Falco’s own factory in Slovakia. This is, of course, a great plus in their manufacturing process. Only the finest quality materials are used in the making of such products. Premium leather and ballistic nylon, as well as thermoplastics and KYDEX, add to the unique character of these items.

What to Look for in Falco Gun Holsters Distributors 

Now that you have learned everything about Falco, let’s see how you can choose the most reliable option amongst Falco Gun Holsters Distributors. First of all, you should make sure that it is a valid distributor with the license to sell the merchandise you are interested in.

Another important factor is of course the cost. You should check out the price rates and decide based on your budget and your market research. Apart from all that, you need to take into account any additional services and conveniences. For instance, after sales service is of paramount importance. So it is great to see that a distributor lives up to your expectations and does not fail you upon purchase.

Falco Gun Holsters: Go for the Classics

In case you are looking for high-quality gun holsters that are durable and highly versatile, go for the classics. You will be able to enjoy their features to the maximum, without compromising anything in terms of accuracy, practicality or affordability. With Falco, this is a win-win situation, and you get to enjoy premium gun holsters and equipment for life!

You can purchase your holsters at Tacworld Holsters and Accessories, LLC, www.tacworldholsters.com

How to Choose the Right Gun Holster

People spend a lot of time researching about the available handguns on the market before buying one. Some people will visit a range to see how the handgun model performs. However, a lot of new gun owners fail to consider the importance of a gun holster when carrying a concealed handgun. And when it comes to choosing the right one, the price is not the only deciding factor.

A poorly designed gun holster can bring discomfort and even loss of your gun. You don’t need to spend a lot on a holster. You can get high-quality holsters that are affordable from a Falco distributor in USA like Tacworld Holsters.

A good gun holster must provide the right balance between accessibility and concealment. It should also provide comfort to the wearer. Below are some of the tips you need to keep in mind when picking the right holster.

Gun Holster Materials

There are two best options for gun holsters when it comes to their material. They are molded plastic (KYDEX) and leather. Among the two, the leather gun holster needs a little break in period. The break in adopt the holster to your body and the gun, which makes the holster more comfortable over time. Regularly impregnate the holster leather.

Tacworld Holsters as a Falco distributor also has molded plastic (KYDEX) gun holsters and Nylon holsters. They are molded to a specific gun model and don’t require any break-in period. Kydex holsters also don’t stretch, unlike leather holsters. However, the molded plastic holster can warp when left on a car dash during a hot day. And if there are parts that need to flex, it may break through regular wear and tear.

Retention of the Gun Holster

Retention is the ability of the gun holster to keep the handgun where it should be. Whether you walk or run, jump up or down, the firearm will not fall to the ground. Keep in mind that too much retention might make it hard to draw your gun. Look for a holster that allows you to adjust the retention.


Concealment is the ability to not show the gun to others. Even if the state allows open carry, it is recommended to get a holster that provides good concealment. People are a little bit paranoid about people with guns these days, and that’s why it is important to practice the ability to conceal.

Ride Height

When you are looking to buy an IWB holster, then you need to consider its ride height. While the default settings work for most gun owners, there are other users that want to adjust the ride height to suit their needs. Ride height adjusts vertically, while the cant adjusts the angle at which the handgun sits inside the gun holster.

These are the things you need to consider when choosing a gun holster. Tacworld Holsters, a Falco distributor can help you pick the right one based on your preferences and needs.